Editing:  Edit scientific, medical and legal manuscripts for clients.  Served as editor of the “Legal Commentary and Update” Section of the Gene Therapy Newsletter.

Professional Experience: Freelance Writer and Editor [2002-Present], Patent Attorney (specializing in biotech and medical inventions), and Assistant Professor of Biochemistry.

Education: Certificate in Forensics (University of Washington at Seattle), J.D. (University of Kentucky College of Law), Ph.D. (University of California, San Diego).

General Writing: As a professional writer, wrote more than 400 pieces in the areas of science, medicine, agbiotech, law, business and history, which appeared in

Course Writing: Wrote a 12-lesson, college-level, survey course in forensic science for Education To Go, a division of Cengage Learning. “Forensic Science for Writers” launched in early 2005 and ran for seven years.